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Our Showroom in Miami Florida

 We are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional shopping experience both online and at our store. And when it comes to bespoke items, we offer a range of customization options to ensure that your purchase is truly one-of-a-kind.

If you are ever in the South Florida area, we would love you to visit our showroom which offers a carefully curated selection of high-end brands, designer lighting, antiques, as well as unique, one-of-a-kind bespoke finds that add a touch of personality and flare to any space.

Through our online store you have access to over millions of dollars worth of inventory, of manufacturers and brands, ready to ship. We're confident that you'll find something to fall in love with.

Showroom Address
2685 SW 28 Lane, Miami Florida 33133


Business Hours
Mon - Sat 9 am to 5 pm
Sun - Closed